I am guilty, before this week’s assignment I have never given much thought to the water I consume. Contrary to my assumptions before this task, it turns out I am not a disgusting water slob.  According to the chart below, my average daily water use falls 279 gallons below the U.S. national average. As it turns out I purchase less stuff, clothes, electronics, and household furnishings than the average American. Living

My dog, Kobe, about to make use of a grotesque amount of water.

seven miles from Dickinson allows me to keep my energy use down as well. The differences between water consumption related to my home and diet and the national averages seem negligible. I was very surprised that neither water consumption calculator used for this exercise included information about pets. Kobe, my chocolate lab, is a slobbering example of water usage. For fun, I measured the water used for his food and baths.

In the bigger picture, my daily water usage is 808 gallons above the global average. Within the Mesopotamian region, I consume 460 more gallons a day than the average Iranian. What surprises me most is that Iranians only get 17.9% of their water from abroad while I get 20.2% of my water from outside the U.S. The difference seems small but has a real world impact on a country under severe international sanctions. The more water dependent Iran can become, the less effect international sanctions may have on the price of goods and foods. The 348 gallon per day surplus enjoyed by the average Iranian over the global average also allows Iran to continue the support of a strong agricultural sector.

Below, is a table reflecting the U.S., Iranian, and global averages of daily water use plus that of myself and my dog, Kobe.

All #’s in gal/yr US AVG ME KOBE GLOBAL IRAN
HOME 100 85 6
DIET 1,056 1,005 87
ENERGY 700 543 0
STUFF 232 176 0
TOTAL 2,088 1,809 93 1,001 1,349

2 thoughts on “Water!

  1. Including your dog in this calculation is very interesting! I also agree that pets should be taken into account to calculate one’s water foot print, especially if someone has large animals such as horses. I might have to do the same and calculate the water footprint of my dogs!

    • @onlyheardaboutit- thanks! I encourage you to try it out for your dogs. I found it strange that pets were not included in any of the calculators, especially considering the special importance us Americans place on pets. My dog lives likes king, sometimes I think he gets it better than me! I would be interested to compare our pets water consumption with the averages from some of the drier countries in the Middle East.

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